School Fights Good?

School fights can be good or bad, but I believe school fights are good. Many people believe that fights don’t solve anything and that they are just a waste of time. I believe a fight can mean a lot of things. It could start from a person getting bullied, or a person spreading rumors about somebody, or even someone picking on/ bullying someone’s friend or relative. There are many things that can cause a fight and at the end of it all; it shows who the real person is and who the poser is.

Fights in school are good because they are watched and it can’t get taken too far. If a fight got too out of hand there are plenty of teachers that come break it up. If it got way too out of hand they could call the school cop to come break it up. Fights aren’t always bad, they are good as well. I understand that fights are harmful but it is still a good way to settle disputes. There are a few reasons why people fight.

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One reason is because they want to see who the tougher person is. A bully can be picking on a kid about being small or weak and maybe one day the small kid has had enough and beats up the bully; then the small kid would show him he’s not small or weak. Another reason is to prove a point to someone. If someone is being picked on and his/her friend stands up for them and fights for them proves that the person might be small or weak but he/her has bigger and stronger friends. There are also some bad things to fighting as well. One bad thing that can happen is the bully can end up being stronger at the end and beat up the kid he/she is picking on.

Another bad thing is somebody could be seriously hurt. This could eventually cause someone being sued or have charges pressed on them. One more bad thing is, even though the little guy was standing up for himself, he can still get in a lot of trouble for doing it. All together fights in school are good and bad. Sometimes the smaller kid that is getting picked on comes out the bigger person, but unfortunately sometimes the bully still comes out on top.

In school fights are a lot safer and a lot less violent than fights that happen outside of school. I think fights in school shouldn’t have such a big consequences because they are just ways of finding out who the bigger person is.