School isn't whack

Some people call school whack in some cases it just might be a fact we always got teachers breathing down our backs about homework and our grades but its like damn I’m doing what I can All this reminds me of a old man that told me a rap, it’s was like this School is like work your the…re to Do a job even though you sit back on your ass for 8 hours during the day, yes you don’t get paid green money but man your get grades that’s better than green paper right true ya a fact so school is a matter of fact like work your there to learn so you have a better life just like regular work we the adults work and learn new things everyday even though sometimes even we think work is whack just like you think school is and we got people breathing down our backs just like y’all do that’s a fact face it don’t deny it because truly it’s not whack school has your back even though some breathe down it but deal with it because it’s fact