School Uniforms in Public Schools

New fashion trends occur globally and are always changing from season to season.

From polo shirts to skinny jeans, will we ever be able to keep up? With this entire apparel craze, do people have enough time for things such as education? With a renewed focus on clothing, students and adults alike spend evenings finding the outfit to dress to impress instead of doing homework or completing a tax return. One common and ergonomic solution is school uniforms. Many think this is a subtle reinforcement to a “rockstar” problem, but school uniforms will help students have ample time to focus on their academics, athleticism, and hobbies. School uniforms are a simple, cost- effective way to allow students to dress regulating the school dress code. Brand-name stores can charge over $100 for at least 3 pairs of designer pants or 4 t-shirts.

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Parents, why buy the latest trend every time it comes out on the market? Think economical! Buying students’ uniforms can save you money to buy a new amplifier for your guitar, or an iPod®, or possibly to host a party. Possibilities are endless when you can save. Like stated, they’re also decorative. With a variety of colors and styles, putting your school logo on can warm up uniforms. Lastly, uniforms give students a structured base to work with. If everyone is wearing uniform, no one will feel resentment if one student is not wearing uniform or if his or her uniform is not worn properly.

Uniforms acknowledge the students of what is acceptable and they also allow parents and faculty to know what is acceptable. Clothing styles are another way that students are shunned from cliques. With school uniforms, we can be sure that everyone has the same quality and style trends at school. Of course, school uniforms cannot make your friends for you, but they can prevent some of the teasing made about clothing to the 3,000 children who killed themselves last year. Students who don’t shop at Aeropostale® are shunned by the popularity masters; students who shop at Target® are considered poor. Why should all this matter when we come to school to learn and be educated? Uniforms create an environment where everybody is one, like a community.

We each help each other make choices to better our society. The first choice can come with school uniforms. Togetherness will be symbolized. Students just want to fit in. This is why uniforms come in handy.

Did you know that the average middle school girl can spend about an hour (at minimum) preparing herself for school? Think how much time she spends finding her outfit each day! If there weren’t such an emphasis on clothing, then students wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about it. Maybe girls could use that hour to study for an upcoming history or biology test. They could also work on their choir voice or basketball moves. Possibilities are always popping up when you’re not tied up in a clothing knot. Time is of the essence in this era; you need time to finish the Social Studies Fair project; you need time to eat, sleep, and drink. Use that time for the better; it’s a privilege, not a need.

Also, with more comfortable outfits, students could focus on the class lesson more instead of focusing on how to layer her bracelets or, for him, which shoelaces to wear tomorrow. Overall, with more emphasis on learning instead of clothing/ apparel, students can get a lot more done in these hectic schedules. Uniforms don’t have raise everyone’s I.Q.; they’re just here to help! We all know that students want to dress how they want to, to express personality and feeling, but when we allow a craze of different outfits, like stated, people will be left out, and there would be no standard dress code. Parents and faculty were once teenagers like you.

They once wanted to wear ecstatic clothing, but look at how much discipline they gained by wearing uniform; now we ask you to wear uniform. With more focus on education instead of clothing, test scores will increase by at least one percentile. Overall grade averages will soar and school will be the fun and energetic place you were once dying to do to daily! When the uniforms do that much good, think how much good they do globally. When your whole student body has good behavior, the faculty might reward you with Casual Fridays on a weekly or monthly basis. When your entire student body is good for an extended period of time, the faculty might allow you, the students, to enter into a Uniform Design Contest.

The uniform most favored by students, faculty, and parents will be worn for the next year or so. Try to outreach the positive effects of school uniform to everyone. Remember, your school is like a coalition of children from different backgrounds and grades; mesh together and be one! Well, now that you know how uniforms can better you and your school, try them out! Send a letter to your principal stating that you believe that school uniforms would be beneficial to your school. You could also tell teachers and students to join the movement. If you’re friends are against the idea, try to tell them the positive effects of uniform. There are hundreds of reasons why to use uniform but we’ve only listed some.

Remember, no one is making you raise your I.Q., we’re trying to help. Besides, who else is going to push you on the right track?