Essay on School Uniforms…To Wear Or Not To Wear!

The idea and use of school uniforms is growing and expanding all over the United States, and has already taken over most schools in countries like China and Japan. School uniforms are becoming more popular for reasons such as bullying, inappropriate attire, and giving an organized look to the school. Bullying is becoming worse and worse in schools now days. Students are being physically, mentally, and verbally abused and bullied because of the clothes they wear, the way they act, the way they look, and many other reasons. If schools enforce the use of school uniforms, many people feel that it may reduce the amount of bullying occurring in schools worldwide.

If every students is forced to wear the same outfit, students cannot tease other students based on their clothing. Teachers, students, and members of the school boards are getting fed up with students wearing inappropriate or revealing attire to school. A solution that school districts are coming up with is the use of school uniforms. By enforcing this rule, all students attending the district will be forced to abide by their school dress code, and don’t have the option of wearing inappropriate clothing. And if they were to go against this rule, they would face consequences. In my own personal opinion, I find wearing school uniforms unnecessary in areas/districts where the schools are civilized and kept under control.

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But I do find it a good idea to enforce the use of uniforms in districts where the schools are less organized and not well controlled. These are the areas where you are more likely to find bullying and inappropriate attire. It may be good to have something like this enforced upon schools that have less discipline. I also honestly think that school uniforms may be a smart idea in richer, more high-class school districts. In some of these districts you find many students(mostly girls) wearing clothing that is too revealing for school. If the use of uniforms becomes a rule, the amount of students wearing revealing clothing will go way down.

And, school uniforms can also help give a more professional, organized look to the school. But as for schools that are just simple, little wrong clothing and bullying, there is no need to force students to wear uniforms. If students are abiding by their school’s rules, then school uniforms are not needed. By making everyone where the same clothing style, their creativity and individuality is being taken away from them. Teachers are always telling students to be creative, but that’s a bit hard to do when you’re forced to be like the others, and have your individuality sucked out of you and your style. So to sum it up, I guess I’m in the middle on my decision of whether or not students should wear uniforms.

To me, it all depends on the circumstances and image of the school, and whether or not the rules are being followed by the students. I myself am a creative and imaginative student, and I would hate to be forced to wear uniforms. I express myself through my sense of style, and my image shows my true personality. I definitely wouldn’t want that taken away from me!