Senior Year

Senior year is going to start in the next month, and I can’t say I’m ready. I’m not scared or anything, but in a way, I’m worried.

Though I shouldn’t be, Lord says I shouldn’t be, but I just can’t help it. I’m human. So as I say again, senior year is approaching, and it’s coming rather quickly. Like a train that lost its break and a damsel is tied to the tracks. Imagine senior year being the train and me being the girl, except in this twisted fairytale, I don’t have anyone to save me. (This is not including Jesus; I’m talking about a human here on earth…) Anyway, I’m lacking my human savior.

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Simply alone, no boy, no crush, just me. That’s okay, I don’t have time anyway. But it’s funny because one will walk into my life, make a claim, profess a feeling, then leave and watch as the train comes to a haunting distance, and right before it is supposed to run over me, they leave, and I’m magically pulled out of this terrible situation by someone who does it to me all over again. So, no boy, no crush, not even eye candy, because for some reason in my world, they all seem to tie me to the tracks. Extreme? Yeah, it is, but seems that’s what my life consist of.

And I laugh because I should be fearing the next guy trying to break my heart, but instead I laugh at the fact that I’m afraid of my senior year. For starters, I lost the Senior VP spot, so our class will be run by two…interesting characters shall I say. And then I’m head student in athletic training, yay right? Yeah no… I love what I do, I hang around cool people all day long, I work with football, basketball, and baseball, and because of that, they make me really not want a boyfriend. I just had to put that out there. Man, if that’s how guys act when they forget a girl is around, then I am truly scared to know what happens when I or any other girl is really not around. Sorry, I went on a tangent, but I do love athletic training, I call it my real life Grey’s Anatomy.

Okay, back to the point I was making about guys. Well athletes anyway. This does not go for any guy; this just goes for what I’ve seen from football, basketball, and baseball boys. Let’s start with the big group of football players, oh how they smell. Ha! But they are interesting to say the least.

These are the guys that are completely aware a girl is within ear shot, and they still demean her and all her friends. The guys who gossip about random mess, knowing you can hear them, it’s appalling yet entertaining. Off the field they talk about how much they play when in reality they only got to watch the game. And if you think I’m kidding…my dad coaches college football. Basketball boys! They actually happen to be one of my favorite bunches. But they do the same.

Except they try to get information out of me and I try to get some out of them , and we all end up in one big gossip fest trading stuff we know about other people. Bad right? That’s what I thought until coach got involved. Basketball boys…one of the few athletes that have the right to brag about their skills, plus they respect me. And finally baseball! Didn’t learn much from them besides the fact that they will curse you out no matter what. So when they try to do that I give them all the sass and attitude I got, with a threat, and they never say another word. I guess that’s mean, but if I didn’t demand my respect, then I’d be a push over, and that’s not guna happen.

So listen up, any girls that read this, boys aren’t bad news, just in high school. Ha. And it’s completely okay to be single, because you get to have fun. So as I finish, I’m still in some way worried my senior year will be like this traumatic train and damsel in distress analogy. Not because of guys or anything, just because I know it’s very possible it can happen. Happen meaning…it’s a train wreck.

Like what if I’m doing too much or what if I say what if too much? I told this guy once that I wasn’t hurt because I’m me ,and I don’t get hurt. He laughed and said sorry for the misunderstanding. Whoa there, okay then buddy. Didn’t realize what we kind of had was a misunderstanding for you, because for me, well I was hoping you wouldn’t tie me to the tracks. Anyway, for those of you that deserve a glimmer of hope, someone is out there, waiting, hoping, praying, and probably wishing, that they will come across a girl like you.

I know it’s a long wait, but I’ve seen that it does happen, the true love thing we find in a fairytale, it’s very real. And if you’re like me, getting tied to the tracks by the guys in your life, keep a knife handy, because sometimes you just have to save yourself, and remember that one day someone special will catch your hand, remove the knife and start untying you themselves, and this time for good. Senior Year, here I come!