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Teenagers throughout the entire country are like bustling bees trying to, get their schoolwork completed, participate in extracurricular activities, and even juggle employment. Lets face it, there are 24 hours in a day and even subtracting sleep (which many students resort to) there’s often just too much to do. That is why I believe that a study hall elective should be available in all schools across the nation. Each class period in the school day runs about 55 minutes long.

Roughly an hour each day would give students the opportunity to finish work that they didn’t have time to the night before. Another opportunity would be for honor students to hold tutoring sessions so that they wouldn’t have to come in before or after school. When we grow up and start our careers, there are often structured and unstructured environments in which work is expected to be completed. Therefore, this elective could also serve as a preparedness course for our future occupations. This class would only be an elective, it would not effect those who do not favor it.

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Managing time is a daily chore in the life of the average high schooler and the amount of stress that we undergo should not be overlooked. That is why I believe that a study hall course should be offered in all schools public and private in the country. Give a student an hour now, and see what they can turn it into in the future.