The School System

The public educational school system is bullcrap. School defines your future based on the biases and preferences set forth by politicians and corporations.

One may say school teaches the skill working through difficult situations. While this is true school does not cover realistic problems and skills that will actually aid you in the real world. This is why school isa good concept in theory, but in execution it is flawed. How can you test someone’s true ability and knowledge with a standardized test, people aren’t standardized. One may also say that school highlights individualism and opportunity, this is false. The creators merely advertise these ideals but in reality go and squash them with a system that is beyond generalized.

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This same corrupt system punishes the less quick and intellectual with deadline. It punishes for failure rather than highlighting failures and correcting. Let’s not forget the issue of political swaying and brainwashing. This is visible in the common core, it tends to sway history and other subjects to favor a certain party. It’s subjective instead of objective.

So what is school? Well it’s a biased, flawed, and reform required system, doing the exact opposite of its intent. Learning skills and knowledge is the goal, yet student’s creative thinking and innovation is squashed.