The Truth About Regret

Macbeth was a soldier who once worshipped another king by the name of Duncan.

He praised him for his generosity and presents. But one present proved to be the end of Duncan. That gift of promoting Macbeth to the Thane of Cawdor was a mistake that he did not live to regret. Perhaps Macbeth, his wife, and King Duncan would’ve all been healthy and alive for years to come, if it weren’t for Lady Macbeth’s desire for power. But that desire became her and was soon her worst nightmare for you see that happiness didn’t last as long as they’d hoped. Soon being Queen was nothing compared to her suffering and regret.

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She regretted all she had said to Macbeth about murder. She regretted ever convincing him to kill the king who would soon haunt both of them. The king’s blood would be permanently stained on her hands for eternity. Even after her brutal suicide Macbeth still aimed to be the king of Scotland. His regret was long gone and so was his guilt with it. But the regret that once possessed Macbeth had moved on to Lady Macbeth and proved it was too much to handle.

You may ask yourself how can you regret something that was your idea? The answer isn’t easy in fact it’s kind of complex. Our thoughts are what causes us to want something but when we finally get what we want we sometimes realize that we wanted isn’t as great as our thoughts made it seem. In fact it might be the exact opposite. We may want something so badly that we’ll do anything to get it yet we over look all the bad that comes with it. We rarely ever think of the consequences.

An example that is commonly seen in our generation is how most teens wanna be rich and famous. They’ll do all they can to get to the top yet their minds don’t realize the down sides until they finally get there. They’ll think of all the money, friends, and traveling they’ll get with the fame yet they neglect the rumors, hate, paparazzi, and all the people that will pretend to like them just for the money and fame. But the reason they don’t see all the bad is because their minds block it out so they only see the good but not the bad. So when they finally become famous and see how hard it is to live that kind of lifestyle they’ll regret ever wanting to be famous.

Another well known example of regret is when the famous rapper, Kanye West, embarassed Taylor Swift at the MTV’s Video Music Awards a few years back. He interrupted her in the middle of her speech for winning Best Female Video beating Beyonce’s video, “Single Ladies”. He came up on the stage saying how he thought the Beyonce’s video should have won instead. He later regretted it saying on Twitter that “I’m sorry, Taylor, we’re both artists, and the media and managers are trying to get between us. She deserves the apology more than anyone.

” He said on the Jenner show that’d he would hate for someone to do that to his daughter. Even the things we want the most can turn out to be something that we will regret in the future. Just like Lady Macbeth we will do so much to get what we want but in the end it may not be what we thought it would be. So many things and actions can affect our future and we might regret a few because we didn’t know any better at the time or we didn’t do something to prevent it from happening. But not all is bad because most times although we feel down because of our regret we learn something. It may not be something that’s important to everyone but is to you.

You may learn something about yourself or maybe learn not to repeat that action that causes you so much pain because at the end of day everything you do will serve as a lesson for your future.