“First ask yourself what you would be and then do what you have to do”- Epic Tetus There should be an aim in life.

A life without aim is useless. My father is exceedingly strong in his field, he is a model of hard work and dedication and thus I admire him as my Idol to whom I believe blindly. For success in life, it is necessary to choose a profession and then read for it. As regards myself, I am reading science and computers. Physics is much to my liking and I have great interest in it. I am enough sure to secure good marks in High School.

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Everyone wishes a better future, so do I. I want success, success and success; I know success is not a gift. It is hard to achieve. I have failed sometimes, in Olympiads, FTRE and many more but it has been truly said that Failure is not a fatal; it can be the stepping stone to success. I know success can only be achieved by sincere work, dedication and after all a desire to achieve it. I love my nation and I want to show my respect to all martyrs by serving best of my ability to this nation.

Yes, I want to be a scientist, knowledge will be my power and wisdom is my strength. My psyche says to me that Yes Ayush! You have the ability to work hard, you are a future scientist. When I feel this, I use to have Goosebumps all over my body. After twelfth I would like qualify IIt to become a scientist by doing PHD in Mechanics, after all I have planned so much. Curiosity is everything for a scientist and frankly speaking, I am too curious for all mysteries about earth’s rotation, electromagnetism, working of trains etc. A man who wins, is the man who thinks he can, yes I believe in myself and I have confidence and faith myself.

Yes I can Do, Yes I will do…