Uniforms ARE a Good Idea

I think that uniforms are definitely a good idea. Kids at school sometimes make fun of people for their clothing or where they got it from, but with uniforms, they can’t do that, because they are wearing the same thing. When you watch TV shows, like Every Witch Way, the students are wearing uniforms.

Now, when you think of uniforms, do you think of a completely weird outfit? Most people do, except for me. Uniforms don’t actually have to be like that. They can simply be a t-shirt, blazer, skirt or pants, and whatever shoes you want! I understand that, yes, wearing your own clothing is definitely a way to express yourself, I’m not disagreeing with that at all! I’m just saying that uniforms will limit bullying in a way that could help end it all together. Now that I explained my opinion, think about it for yourself, maybe write your own article about. Do you think that uniforms are a good idea? A bad idea? You decide for yourself!

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