"What actions can lead to"

“Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” This famous quote was said by the one and only Mahatma Gandhi. This saying was not always true back in the 1960’s. If you were a different skin color or race, you were not treated with dignity or respect. The biggest examples were African Americans, sometimes called Blacks. African Americans went through a massive struggle just to be treated equal like everyone else.

Africans did want to be separated from other people because of their skin color or religion; they wanted to live like everyone else. They were not allowed to do the same things that the whites were. Having to attend different schools, use different bathrooms and drinking fountains, have a separate library, and ride on different busses was not fair. Malcolm X was a famous religious motivator. He had many differences and similarities to famous Martin Luther King. They both wanted to stop the unequal rights towards Africans.

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Malcolm X’s only difference was that he wanted to fight an “Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” This basically means he wanted something in return for the unjust behavior towards his kind. He wanted this all to stop but he used violence instead of peace and wanted revenge. Being a great speaker and getting his point across very well helped his situation. Martin Luther King was a peacemaker.

He believed in the same rights as Malcolm X, but he had different views on how to deal with the situation. Taking the negative comments coming towards his kind in a gentle way, he wanted to deal matters in such a way that would help both sides of the issue. Giving speeches that were kind and helpful he wanted to influence, rather than fight back. Dr. King had a four stop process to help solve his issues. First he would collect the facts, next negotiation, self purification, and last direct action.

This helped the situation very much. Both visions of these powerful leaders were strong. They had no intention in giving up anytime. They got their message across very clear and portrayed there class well. Although the injustice rules against Blacks were not stopped anytime before these two men died, there point was very obvious. Martin Luther King’s dream was the best choice for the black society.

His thought process was not as harsh and Malcolm X. He wanted peace and no violence because both leaders made a good point. Africans now are treated with dignity and respect, and they have equal rights thanks to these smart people.