Free Essay on What will school be like in 2015?

School has changed dramatically from when I started kindergarten until now, so I have no doubt that it will be different by the time 2015 comes around. Technology plays a big factor of this change.

As technology increases, the ways of teaching kids changes as well, but usually it is for the better on behalf of both the student and the teacher. Not only has technology made it easier to teach the kids, but it has also made it easier for the kids to understand what the teacher is trying to teach them, and it provides more interactive ways of learning, which ultimately leads to an increase in knowledge and increase in understanding. I feel that technology will keep improving and there will be more online classes, or simply there will be more use of technology within each class. I believe teachers will have online blogs and other communication sites that students can take advantage of to ask questions or give their thoughts and opinions on specific topics. I also feel as if the teachers’ roles in person will diminish as technology increases. School will be very different in 2015 than it is now, and I feel that it will be a good change for students.

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