Why Pets Should Be in schools

Some can see why having a pet is great, and how not having a pet is great as well.

Some can see some parents not liking this idea.Having a pet in the classroom could scare kids but who’s going to be scared of a small pet while other times it can help kids learn.If people want to know how your kids learning could be boosted this is why there should be pets in the classroom and how pets can boost your kids learning. Parents all want their kids to learn and go to college and have good life.Well, if people want to learn how your kids learning experience could get better, read on.

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Pets, it sounds simple right? Well, the classroom can sometimes become nervous for kids during test or just every day school but classroom pets can make the learning experience better for some students.It can boost kids social skills and help them make friends and animals are science so they can learn about the pet in classroom.In an article on the classroom pet topic it said “When the Pet Care Trust began offering grants for classroom pets earlier this year, more than 500 teachers nationwide applied”.Classroom Critters by: Vera Lawlor.This proves that the classroom pet is becoming a big help to students and teachers.

If people are thinking that this is stupid or pointless hear me out. If an animal/pet can make a kid happy and help the kid socialize, say a kid was feeding the classroom pet and another kid comes up to that kid and says “can I help” the two kids would start talking and maybe make friends.And if you’re thinking “Well how is a classroom pet science?”, well animals are creatures which people study in science.And if there was a classroom pet people could do a thing with science on the classroom pet like my class did in 5th grade had crabs and every day me and my group would go and feed the crabs and take observations.In an article about this subject it said, “Children are using science skills as they observe a hermit crab and notice how and when it moves, what it eats, where it sleeps.

A class might draw pictures to record their observations…just like real scientists!” Animals Make Good Teachers from Scholastic.This is why classroom pets can boost skills and help teachers teach.

If people still think so it will boost a kids social skills and let them learn science.Well it’s not just science and social skills were talking about here we’re talking about math, science, writing and reading.Think about it, it boost your kids learning that means they get a better future and less money spent on college the only bad part is that your kid could outsmart you.In an article on this topic said “Observing and caring for an animal instills a sense of responsibility and respect for life”.Pets in the Classroom by: Andrea Mulder-Slater.

This shows that this can help students/kids in a way of learning. Some could say or think that pets in the classroom is a health concern as an article says “An animal in the classroom creates improved learning experiences for your students as all areas of the curriculum are enhanced.EG: Math (how much does a hamster weigh?) Science (what does a snake eat?) Geography (where does a ferret come from?) Social Studies (different cultures – different pets) and Language Arts (how can I describe the goldfish?).” Pets in the Classroom by: Andrea Mulder-Slater.This is why the classroom pet is a good idea.

That is why having a pet in the classroom is a good idea so people can boost your kids learning/education.People may not want a pet around your kids but it can boost your kids learning.So maybe people should get your local schools to have classroom pets.