Why We Should Have Nap Time in School

If you think about it, school is backwards. When we are in preschool, we are forced to take naps in school even though nobody wanted to. But now that we want to take a nap in school, they don’t let us. When I was in preschool I tried everything I could to get out of taking a nap. But now, I try everything possible to take a nap. Twisted Right? When you are younger, you might not realize it, but school is all kinds of messed up.

My point is, we need to bring back nap time in school. The thing is, we wake up way earlier than we did when we had nap time. We probably go to bed much later too. Almost all students show up to school half awake and wanting to go back to bed. By the end of the day students are exhausted from all of their classes throughout the day. If we had nap time, students would be refreshed and much more energetic during classes.

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Not only would students benefit, but I would guess that there are lots of teachers that would love to take a nap halfway through the school day. Students aren’t the only ones that have to get up early for school and get tired during the day. This would benefit athletes a lot because after they get up early and go to school all day, they are already exhausted. Then after that, they have to go to practice for hours. I don’t know about other sports, but I know that most of my football practices last two and a half hours. In 7th grade, I can remember one of my friends falling asleep in the locker room and almost being late for practice.

He was completely out and the rest of the team woke him up by splashing him with cold water. He said to me later during practice, “Dang, school is so exhausting.” Having a nap during the day would definitely improve this as the athletes would be a lot less tired. Now, I know other people will argue that there is no time in the school day for nap time. But if it were me, I would give students a choice between one of their electives and nap time.

If you gave students a choice, there would still be students that took classes like choir, band, orchestra, or art. But by giving them a choice, you can eliminate the people in these classes that just mess around because the skills they learn in these classes are things that they will never need to use in real life. For example, there are many kids in choir that will never become a singer. There are many kids in art classes that couldn’t care less about drawing. So why do they take these classes? They take them because they are required to have these credits. So why should kids be required to get these credits that most of the kids will never need or use? To me, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Naptime on the other hand, is something that benefits all human beings as proven by scientific studies. It is for these reasons that schools should do the students a favor and offer them naptime in school. Students would be better rested, teachers would be better rested, and athletes would be rested and ready to compete.