Year Round Schooling

Hi! Would you like year round schooling? Well I do, because if you don’t have year round schooling, you might forget all of the stuff that you just learned! You might even have a break every 5 weeks which would be cool because you will be able to have more fun, kids will get an extended winter break! Kids who are falling behind might even be able to catch up! Having year round schooling will keep kids out of trouble! Children will also be smarter. Kids in other countries spend more time studying then kid do in the united states ( Year Round School?, 2009)! And in the summer some kids had to help their family on their farm! Year round schooling provides safety for the kids who go to the school! So that means parents will never have to worry about their kids because they offer safety! Students with lower test scores will improve. On the calendar it says that you would get most of July out of school.

Mainly because of the fourth of July and because it is hot. Hundreds of schools have it so I think we should to. If you’re in summer school summer school would be shorter than regular summer school. Also If your parents need a child care thing then that is a thing that year round schooling provides. Students discipline may also improve ( Year Round School?, 2009).

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so that means at home they behave a lot better than they would if they didn’t have year round schooling. I think it would be a good thing for parents. You know how some kids have a lot of f’s on their report card? Year round schooling lets the kids learn something over the break. They won’t forget what they just learned. Some of the cons of it is it might cost a little more money that regular school, but I think it’s worth it. Another con is you might get a little bored.

As a pro you might even get to have some middle school dances which is very fun! You get to go to one dance at the beginning of school, its free ,but in the middle you have to pay. If I were you I would switch to year round schooling!