Behind Area 51

Who is to say that aliens don’t actually exist somewhere out there in such a vast environment as Outer Space? Just how “Big Foot” has his legacy, so do aliens along with Area 51. Is it just a test area with a bad reputation or is all the rumors true? The thought of extraterrestrial life is not illogical, or we would not have this unseen, classified place known as Area Fifty One today.

It’s a well known military and government-run facility that only few are a part of. In saying so, have you ever found yourself pondering about our government and what they know that they could very well be keeping from us? Our government essentially lies to the public to cover up many incidents that actually could have occurred. There are several thousand sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) every year throughout the country. Many said to be anonymous. kept from the public’s eyes by Area Fifty One.

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Whether it’s regarding foreign space travel transportation or even discoveries actual extraterrestrial life, It is all kept behind the well guarded walls of Area Fifty One. To emphasize, the base is restricted to the public. On the ground, you’ll encounter warning signs and armed guards patrolling the fenced perimeters. Usually well guarded places have something they want to remain secret from outside sources. Little is known about the place unless you find the right person (“Top 10 Alien…”). The only way to get an accurate insight of what actually goes on inside Area Fifty One is through the people or retirees who are willing to share about what they saw going on while they carried out their specialized duties there.

All the conspiracies are up in the air. Some just believe its a place where the military develops and tests new technology away from the public eyes. Other’s speculate that this is the breeding ground of classified information involving aliens. Not to mention all the answers to UFO sightings, extraterrestrial life, and other foreign spacecrafts theories. (Area 51 secrets…).

Benjamin Radford, deputy editor of “Skeptical Inquirer” Science Magazine says, “The UFO sightings surrounding Area 51 emerged mostly in the late 1980s, when a man named Robert Lazar told a TV station that he worked at Nellis (Area 51 property) as a physicist helping other scientists studying crashed flying saucers on top-secret projects,” Later, Robert’s practices were disproven but it had started a controversial phenomenon that remains to this day. (Published works…). Perhaps, one of the most famous cases of an UFO sighting is “The Phoenix Lights.” It goes on to describe a man named Tim Ley. Ben and his family were out in their sun room in Phoenix, they saw an array of unusual lights in the sky that came off immediately as suspicious.

Saying that they got a good look at the aircraft, it appeared to be a giant “V” shaped object with five distinctive lights. A stylist drew up a sketch that mimics what Tim’s family described shown below. The U.S. Air Force came up with an explanation depicting what was really seen was the aircraft dropping off flares in a training exercise at a nearby base around Area 51.

Still this didn’t answer the question as to what the enormous “V” shaped aircraft that many people claimed they saw was. One of the observers was in fact Arizona Governor Fife Symington. In a 2007 news conference Fife exclaimed, “I’m a pilot that knows about everything that flies, this though, this was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.” This goes to show and prove that people are going to continue to fuel the controversy of Area Fifty One and the legacy it holds behind it for extraterrestrial things and military operations. As any good conspiracy, many people will witness claims based on anonymous tips, speculations, and rumors. Many believe there evidence out there supporting many of the theories we have just waiting to be stumbled upon.

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