How to prepare for a case study interview?

The survey method is not an invention of sociologists. In all branches of science, where the researcher addresses a person with questions to obtain information, he deals with various modifications of this method. For example, doctors, examining the course of the disease and the previous state of health of the patient, conduct anamnesis surveys. The […]

How to conduct a case study? Main stages

Case study implies a search for any problem of relevant information, which must necessarily be properly arranged. The main task is to generalize covered material and write conclusions. Scientific work envisages conducting new research in practice. Main stages of research work First of all, it is necessary to look through case study topics and select […]

How to cite a case study?

Conducting a case study is one of the main activities students are involved in during the process of education. It is an effective method of training qualitatively new specialists in higher education. It develops creative thinking, students’ research skills, scientific intuition, a creative approach to the perception of knowledge and practical application for solving problems […]

Case Study Coffee

Coffee Case Study is a cozy cafe located in the downtown of Portland. You may ask, what is so special about it? There are hundreds of other cafes also located in Portland, and many of them deserve attention. However, the Coffee Case Study is still prominent among other establishments. What Is the Concept of This […]

Bipolar disorder case study

Mood disorders are considered a disease of the XXI century. Nevertheless, psychologists know little about this disease, which makes a case study for bipolar disorder especially relevant today. This mental disorder is characterized by a change of manic and depressive states, mixed states, alternation of euphoria and depression. Patients with bipolar disorder suffer from more […]

What is a Case Study Research?

The modern science at recurring times requires testing the validity of its theoretical models. The only way to do is to fit these models to the real world situations and observe the results. The case study research design has highly helped this cause. It has emerged as one of the top ways to examine various […]

What is a Case Study?

What is a case study? We hear the term time and again from different sources. Has it ever occurred to you that the case study is used in various fields? A case study is a qualitative method, which is used by scientists, Sociologists, Psychologists, lawyers, and businesses. A case study provides ample of data about […]

How to Write Case Study Essay?

In any discipline, there are cases that can be analyzed in case studies. They teach you how to gather information, interview other people, analyze data, and find better solutions. The topic depends on the academic discipline you study. Choose an object of your research, any person, event, company, government, etc. It should be interesting to […]

How to Write a Case Study?

Many researchers and students look for the best case study writing guide in order to understand the format. There are different types of case studies. You might need to write the case study for a dissertation, or it might be a part of your job. Health researchers, businessmen, sociologists, psychologists and many other professionals may […]

How to analyze a case study? Ideas and Features

The principal idea of a case study includes putting students’ efforts together and solving issues. Developing and evaluation of the proposed algorithms of the solution are an expected result of the work. Afterward, the best option is selected and implemented in practice.The method of situational analysis is used mostly in teaching economics and business sciences […]

Harvard Case Study and How Does It Work

How to Deal with Harvard Case Studies Harvard Business School has created a new method and a new definition of case study in education. A case study is the analysis of the institution or the event, its problems, causes, and consequences. Harvard Business School case studies are intended to be used in classrooms as a […]

Case Study Template

Where Can I Find the Best Case Study Template? Analyzing and applying your knowledge is important in every field of work. And that’s exactly the purpose of case study method. A case study is a report on an event, activity, or a problem that includes a situation (real of hypothetical), which you need to analyze. […]

Case Study Definition in Psychology

Definition A case study is a detailed examination of an individual, a group of people or a particular occurrence. Case studies comprise of a one-on-one interview, questionnaires among other data collection forms. A case study involves studying a person’s life and experience to determine the cause of certain behaviors. Case Studies in Psychology In psychology, […]

Case study: What Is It

A Case Study: What Is It and How Do You Deal with It? A case study is a learning method based on discussing, analyzing, and solving different situations. It is mostly used in social, economic, and business sciences. When you’re a student studying these sciences, you will probably be asked to research a modeled case. […]

Case Control Study

What Is a Case Control Study? A case control study is intended to research a subject and understand whether a result is a consequence of a certain exposure, for example, if working conditions cause some sickness in workers. Plainly put, the connection between the cause and the effect define case control study.Such a task is […]