Consulting Case Studies

Individual business consulting is the most effective way to improve the quality of personal and professional relationships, gain the flexibility of thinking and improve business abilities. Business Consulting Case Studies Business consulting is advising on the organization, promotion, and development of the business.This is an opportunity to enhance personal and entrepreneurial effectiveness with the help […]

Case Study Report: Difine, Structure and How To Write

Case report study is a document that reflects the execution of the research program, contains the data obtained, their analysis, conclusions and practical recommendations flowing from them. Careful analysis (and not just a description) of the figures and facts obtained is the main task, or rather, the purpose of the report. Case Study Report Structure […]

Case Study on Depression

A clear picture of the causes of depression and real ways of overcoming it is still missing. Psychotherapy has not developed effective methods of combating depression, although it uses the results of studies of such sciences as neurobiology, sociology, biology and general medicine. Therefore, conducting a depression case study in the framework of psychotherapy gives […]

Autism Case Study

Autism in psychiatry and psychotherapy is usually seen as a variant of psychotic behavior inherent in early childhood. The authors of one of the latest classifications of childhood psychoses distinguish: psychoses of early childhood, or autistic syndrome, manifesting at the age from 1 to 3 years; disintegrative psychoses manifesting at the age from 3 to […]

APA Format Case Study

APA is used to conduct a research in social sciences. It is one of the most popular formats to follow, and it is obligatory to use it in writing a major number of students’ papers in many universities. Students are taught to write a case study format APA since it is also used for a […]

Strategic management IKEA case study

Ikea case study analysis allows saying that today IKEA is the most popular company in the world, which deals with the retail sale of furniture and other necessary goods for the home. You may ask -what is the necessity of making a marketing case study on this company? The answer is simple. Undoubtedly, the primary […]

Red Bull Case Study Analysis

The Red Bull marketing case study shows that it is the most famous in the world energy tonic drink. When in 1982 the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz was on a business trip to East Asia, he became interested in local energy drinks. He was particularly impressed by Krathing Daeng and bought license rights. This exemplum is […]

Coca-Cola Case Study Analysis

Coca-Cola case study analysis makes it possible to say that its trademark is the most expensive in the world. Its cost to date is just under $70 billion. It is interesting to discover what business solutions, occasions, and innovative approaches led this company to such a great success and recognition. The Importance of Business Research […]

Apple CaseStudy Strategic Management

Apple case study strategic management is worth to research. Two friends decided to establish their own company for the production and selling of computers. This company is interesting to study since it allows investigation the whole amplification if the IT sphere -from the primitive versions of the primary computers to the innovative solutions we can […]

What is Customer Service?

The topic of customer service quality is always relevant, especially if there is an unstable economic situation in the country. Maintaining the brand and customer handling at the level for today is one of the ways to maintain market positions. Service as a Key Direction The organization of the service should follow the basic rules […]

What is Business Ethics?

Business ethics case studies allow forming a definition that preachment of commercial activity and entrepreneurial relations is a set of rules that are based on traditional human values and are shared by members of a particular organization and partners of the company. Traditionally, it is based on obeisance for the interests of collaborators of the […]

Primary Research

A marketing dissection is aimed at obtaining reliable data about the needs of bidders for certain goods, services or programs. It is a reliable tool that allows market participants to make competent and informed decisions aimed at the effective promotion of their products and attracting attention from an increasing number of clients. Its core is […]

Online marketing case studies

During parsing, forecasting, exteriorizing and controlling the effectiveness of business activities, a variety of data is required about the surrounding business encirclement and the company’s internal encirclement. The timely, useful and complete data allows the enterprise to cope with the following tasks. It allows reducing financial risk and danger to the image of the enterprise; […]

Business Strategy

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004, he was not a pioneer. At that time, there were dozens of social networks with huge investments and thousands of registered users. But still, he managed to create the most popular social network on the planet. How did Facebook manage to get ahead of large and much better-funded […]

Business Case Studies For Your Brand

Business case studies are very popular today, as they allow researching certain entrepreneurial issues and avoiding a great number of mistakes. Harvard business case studies are the most interesting ones. Interest is that the research was conducted on entrepreneurs who received capital from investors who financed risky projects. Several thousand different companies took part in […]

SEO Case Study

These days, Search Engine Optimization is a significant part of every business. That’s why it is important to have some knowledge about it, to understand how it works, and to be able to analyze it. More and more colleges incorporate it into students’ tasks, for example, case studies.Writing such papers gives students an opportunity to […]

Science Case Studies

A case study has always been an excellent method of analyzing and investigating scientific phenomena. Students oftentimes get such papers as their assignments because this method can benefit the learning process. It allows students to become real researchers. They learn how to get into the problem, distinguish the most important details, look for solutions, and […]

Medical Case Study Writing

Students are used to going through thousands of pages of materials. Medical case studies are a part of that process, but they are more than just education material. Writing such a report and doing this kind of research allows medical students to study phenomena in depth, understand the patient’s condition better, and search for effective […]

Globalization McDonald’s

A case study of McDonald’s is a common task college students receive. This company allows students to research a wide range of topics, for example, a business ethics case study on McDonald’s, a globalization McDonald’s case study, or a McDonald’s cost leadership strategy case study.Writing such a paper can show your analytical skills and your […]

Getting a Master of Business Administration degree

Getting a Master of Business Administration degree is a wise choice if you wish to have a great career. However, being a business school student requires writing a lot of papers and doing a lot of research. One of those tasks is an MBA case study analysis.Even when you’re not in the business school yet, […]

Case Study for Law Students

Case study for law students has always been an effective way to learn more, fast, and efficiently.  Even if you’re not a law student but, for example, a business major, there’s still a chance that you will have to deal this type of papers.Legal topics are very diverse. You can work on business law contract […]

How to Write a Case Study Analysis

A case study analysis process is a unique way to conduct research and learn. Students and professors never underestimate this learning method and use it to obtain a deeper understanding of a certain situation or phenomenon, develop problem-solving skills, and improve research abilities.You can check out any example case study analysis on our website for […]

Basic Information about Disney – Case Study

Disney Studio has been known to children and adults for decades. It has come a long way from simple animated cartoons to large blockbusters. The history and business of this corporation can be an excellent topic for a case study.Before writing a Walt Disney case study, ask your curator what size your work should be, […]

Best Buy Business Strategy Case Study

Best Buy is a popular store network that specializes in the sale of electronics, software and various PC details. For many years, the company has achieved its place in the market, allowing thousands of buyers to purchase PCs and other goods at a favorable price. The corporation opened several hundreds of stores throughout the country, […]

Amazon Case Study: History, Planning and Main Questions

For many years, Amazon has been one of the most visited online shops in the world and keeps its positions constantly. It is interesting for many people to explore how this company has become successful and how it manages to maintain its status among other similar corporations.If you were assigned to write a case study […]

How to write a medical case study?

Medical students eventually face the need of writing a medical case study, the main goal of which is to prove the proper analysis of the project topic and to show their ability to apply the knowledge gained while conducting independent research. Types of Medical Researches For research tasks, doctors use different variants of the research […]

Case Study Houses

California is known for its unique museums and natural attractions, historical sites and large cultural centers. There are attractions of different levels, but for many travelers, California is invariably associated with Hollywood. This area of Los Angeles remains the most attractive object for fans of the American film industry because almost all world famous actors […]

Case Control vs Cohort Study

Observation as a Method of Research Together with introspection, observation is considered the oldest psychological method. Scientific observation began to be widely applied at the end of the XIX century. This method is suitable for areas where fixation of features of human behavior in different conditions was of particular importance. Thus, it was used in […]

Tesla Case Study

It’s difficult to find a person who is interested in cars, ecology or IT and who has never heard of Tesla Motors. However, Tesla Motors case study analysis allows coming to a conclusion that this company has come a long way to success. Ecology and Innovations Over the past half-century, a lot of brands whose […]

How To Write A Psychology Case Study?

Writing academic papers is an integral part of student’s life. This work allows assessing the student’s ability to collect and analyze information and develops scientific thinking. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach with maximum responsibility and attentiveness to writing a paper, which to a certain extent can be called scientific work. Conducting a case study […]