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Free Educator Of The Year

There are many different type of educators in this world. There are some that we really don’t like, some that we like and some that you just wanna say “Thank goodness you taught me”. That is what I have today. My 8th grade science teacher was phenomenal. He was everything that i ever wanted in […]

Mrs. Hart – Educator of the Year

Mrs. Hart is such an influential educator whom I among many others admire. Mrs. Hart made my transition from middle school to high school simple. It’s perplexing to think I was the shyest girl, and eighth grade helped me to come out of my shell. School became something I looked forward to. My former school, […]

high schools only the beginning

High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life. Kids living on the edge, dreaming of life and adventure; unfortunately, these feelings will only last for four years. Eventually, you’ll realize that life can’t be that great. Most people will end up going to work for the rest of there life, […]

Subs for School Classes Need to be Fun

Yes, teachers have to miss school as well as students but when a teacher does miss school the sub should be a fun person. In class we have a sub named Mr.Mccullen, none of us like him. He yells at us, oes not talk and when he does he just ends up yelling agian. When […]

It's Just High School, Right?

EL PASO, TX— Every day is a new adventure for self-professed high-school superstar Ivy Lang, a junior at Midland High School. The sixteen-year-old declared on Monday that she is “happier and more fulfilled than ever” from neglecting her family, friends, and general mental stability in exchange for six AP classes and interminable standardized testing. “As […]

The Book Thief; Book vs. Movie

There are many books which have had movies made to match them. One book like this is called “The Book Thief.” It is about a young girl whose name is Liesel, is living in Nazi Germany, and is going through multiple inner conflicts. One conflict is that after her brother died, every night she always […]

Letter To The Editor

February 23, 2011 Editor of the West Plains Daily Quill P.O. Box 110 West Plains, MO 65775 Dear Editor, What is the purpose of school? Think about it real hard. The purpose of school is to teach children the basics of life. For example: the history of their country, how to write a paper/letter, how […]

Technology Hurting Kids

Running around as a little child, having a gigantic stick in my hand. “I’m going to slay that dragon! Charge!” Being that hyper little child I always was, running around outside. Now I look at my little nieces and nephews just sitting at the kitchen table. Not talking to one another, just sitting there playing […]

Our Education System

Education is knowledge and knowledge is key. Our education is received through the medium of a school-SCHOOL:an institution where instruction is given and this, is where our issue arouses. Cuz I sat in my Assembly Hall just before an English exam asking myself if the world doesn’t care good, good people are being shot down […]

P.E. in School

Physical Education or P.E., whatever you call it, it’s here and it’s needed. P. E. is different from Recess, it isn’t a do-whatever-you-want thing, it’s a way for kids to get the physical education they need. My opinion is to make P.E. Mandatory in all grades. In some states, it is little or not required […]

Standardized Testing: Expedient or A Waste of Time?

Students come in at a groggy 8 am, they all put their phones in a large plastic bin and their backpacks against the wall. They sit in assigned seats in a different classroom with a different teacher. They then stay in that seat for 3 hours, not permitted to use the restroom, not permitted to […]

The best School Analysis of Case Study

Students should be required to dress up on Monday through Thursday and only be allowed to dress down on Fridays. With a paucity of differences among the dress of the students, there will be fewer distractions. Certain students will resent the acrimonious dress code, because they will have to buy new clothes. The dress code […]

art in school

CAN you see our world without art? Could we live with art? Children are impacted by being more creative at school and in the world. The purpose of this essay is to show how our would be if we didn’t have art in schools. IF we didn’t have art, children would stop being creative and […]

Are Teens Prepared for the Real World?

Are you prepared to be working and out on your own?If you’re a teenager, then in the next few years, you will have to face the terrifying reality of being on your own for the first time. It may not seem like it, but besides working and keeping up with the housekeeping, your parents do […]

Is PARCC Good or Bad?

When PARCC ( Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)was first mentioned, all of the teachers were saying how terrible it was going to be, and how little time they had to teach everything that needed to be taught. I didn’t personally think it was going to be that bad and that everyone […]

All Phones in School Case Study Samples

“Give me your phone right now! I told you a thousand times to stay off your phone during school!” Mr. Duranthissed as I aggressively handed himmy phone,sat down and pouted. “Phones should be allowed in school becausethey help save money, you can use them for emergencies, and students would be optimistic about learning.” The school […]

Is Homework a Stress for Students?

Do you ever wish to go home and hangout with your friends or do sports but on the other hand you have to stay and do homework that is due the next day. Well other students have trouble to do homework because teachers expect students to turn it on time but others don’t. Athletes students […]

Why Does College Cost So Much?

Why Does College Cost So Much? As most graduating seniors know, college costs more than they could ever imagine. Not only do college students have to pay for tuition, they also have to pay for their place of living, their food, books, and entertainment. With all of these expenses present, many students feel overwhelmed, and […]

60 Awful Things About High School

All the things you’ve heard about high school are true. It’s a horrid place. It’s all the bad parts of the real world thrown under one roof. You make friends and you lose friends. You meet new boys that turn into a disaster. Your teachers are always giving you a hard time. You’re always wanting […]

Сhewing Gum in School

Have you ever wished that you could chew gum in school? I have. I believe that kids should be able to chew gum in school. When kids chew gum during a quiz or test, it helps them concentrate better, when someone is hungry they don’t pay attention as well, and now, gum helps fight tooth […]

High School-opoly

Welcome to High School-opoly, a nerve-racking strategy game that high school students across the nation are playing. The goal? Simply staying in front of everyone else…it’s all about bringing the spotlight on myself. And there’s only one way to distinguish the winners: whoever can score the best colleges. It’s become mandatory to dress up college […]

How to be a Procrastinator.

Put off your homework one hour for every hour you have to work on. Tie your shoe. Take a nap. Clean your room. Do your nails. Go on Facebook just to check it then end up staying online for two+ hours. Make a snack. Doodle. Watche the season premiere of your favorite show. Go grocery […]

$50 for a good report card

The corner stone of one’s life, the foundation of one’s future, the magic power that molds the qualities of a person: Education. We all know education is one of the most important things in our life and it carves the way our life will go. If we look at the kids in the U.S. right […]

Jennifer Zuccarelli – Educator of the Year

I would without a doubt give the “Educator of the Year” award to my 9th-grade Biology teacher, Jennifer Zuccarelli, who teaches at Clarkstown High School North! First off, Biology is my favorite subject of all time, next to chemistry that is, which made liking her so much easier! Mrs. Zuccarelli is a very energetic, fast-paced, […]

What Field Do You Want to Go Into?: The Answer

It is true that we only get one life. Why should I have to say “only”? Why must I say “only”? To us, life is short. The truth is that it doesn’t have to feel that way. We live our lives thinking about the next day, the next year, or even years in the future. […]

Homeschooling–Is it the Right Choice?

Calvin walked around the campus of Arkansas State College for his very first college visit. As he strolled through campus, Calvin noticed the huge masses of people talking to their friends, and he became overwhelmed. He had been homeschooled his whole life, so the school experience was all new to him. Between changing classes, meeting […]

Not A Cookie Cutter Shape

Not A Cookie Cutter Shape We all have that one subject we’re not the best at. The one class that is harder than the rest. We try our hardest and to do the best we can to make the grade of our hardest class as good as our best. But when our grades don’t go […]

A Sticky Situation

A Chewy Situation Chewing gum was the once forbidden snack for every school age child. In the year of 2005, chewing gum was named the number one snack choice by Americans. New research indicates chewing gum may be good for a number of things that include, increases focus, alertness, and concentration, helps students with ADD, […]

Mrs. Toni Hvizdayk – Educator of the year

In 7th and 8th grade at Louis L. Redding Middle School I was lucky enough to be taught by Mrs. Toni Hvizdayk, the school’s first and only Sign Language teacher. Mrs. Hvizdayk is that one teacher that you will never forget; even when your hair goes salt-and-pepper, you still will remember her lessons, personality and […]

Highschool Cliches

There are truly a monumental amount of groups in high school, maybe as many as a hundred, but then there are those utterly cliche groups, the ones that show up in all those bad movies, *cough cough highschool musical*, the ones that seem to always exist; theres the jocks, the cheerleaders, the dancers, the nerds, […]