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Why People Need to Go to College

Why People Need to Go to College Some individuals might say that high schoolers should not go to college after they graduate. While it might be true that college is expensive, going to college would be better in the long run. To make college more affordable there are a lot of scholarships available to help […]

Should Students Get Less Homework Free Essay

When a student gets home they usually sit down at the table and pull out their homework. Piles of papers rise all the way to the ceiling. “Do I have to do all of this tonight? It’s due tomorrow, but I can’t finish this all in time!” the student complains. American students should get less […]

Wake Up, Let’s Go to School

Many people have said, schools should start later. And yes, there are many arguments that suggest that it should start later. But is this really the best option? For example, teens need more sleep, and it is true that it is scientifically proven that teens need about 8-10 hours of sleep. But is starting school […]

Students Should Brace for Independence

Students should be striving toward independence, especially seniors who are on the cusp of entering a world that takes no prisoners. Independence does not have to mean rebellion of authority but simply being capable of taking care of ourselves. Right now we as teenagers have friends, family members, boyfriends and/or girlfriends that we depend on. […]

Welcome to the Fremd Library

A Library out of control Dear Fremd Library Staff, The rules that have been set for the Fremd High School media center have been too laid back and allow far too much freedom to the students. In my observations of the library I constantly see those teenagers running wild. They are allowed to sit with […]

Free Essay on Mrs.Juliana Sheehan Free Essay Example

Many kids hate school; sometimes it’s because of the crowds of students they go to school with. But, every so often, we get a teacher that impacts us forever. Those teachers push us harder than we have ever been and help us so much. Teachers, who we will always remember, deserve recognition like “Educator of […]

School Dress Codes v. The First Amendment Essay

The Dress Code Policy. Something all schools have. Dress Codes are in schools for the good of the students and the teachers. But dress codes aren’t always good for the students, especially the female students. There are almost always more rules and guidelines for the female students than there are for the male students. Why? […]

Free Essay on The Unseen Side of the Current Educational System

Many people have praised Chester Carlson for his brilliant invention of the copy machine; fast, extremely productive, and especially handy, a person’s task is to simply press the button and wait for the product. However, I am certainly disgusted by this machine: not by the rancid smell and screeching sounds it creates, but by its […]

Is Affirmative Action the Only Way?

Is Affirmative Action the Only Way? Higher education is a goal that many adolescents or adults try to pursue. With thousands of universities in the US alone and no clear way to decide who gets in and who does not, a very difficult situation is created for all those involved. Some believe that the most […]

Marching into Marching Band Impacts

Being in marching band can quite literally have many impacts on a student’s life. It can teach a student many things that can help them in life. The impacts might not show right away, but if a student is involved with marching band or any band that is, in high school, it can change their […]

Should Bottled Water Be Banned in Schools?

It’s estimated that 30 billion single-serving bottles of water are gulped down each year in the United State.Some people think that bottled water is good however some people know that bottled water is just purified tap water. I think bottled water should be banned in schools. There are many reasons why bottled water should be […]

Why Homework Has Little Meaning for Highschool Students

I understand that the point of homework is for us tom be practicing the material outside of class. But if I were a teacher, I wouldn’t give much homework because I would want my students to actually have some free time during the day. Since SIxth grade, I have spent almost every night doing homework. […]

Prom Exposition Essay Online

Damn school-construct made to inflict a new kind of pain unto students. It’s not enough to have all of our school work and all sleepless nights, not enough to have unfair rules and for free-time to be non-existent. No, its not enough. Then they create this wonderful dance that’s sure to be the hit of […]

Argumentative Essay on The End of the Year Test

Get up; get dressed; eat breakfast; go to school; do work; go home; snack; hang with friends; shower; study; bed. This is the generic high schooler’s routine. Your parents tell you that you have to go to school even if you don’t want to and you ask why. They say ‘So you can get into […]

Essay on Internet Use

Schools should block less internet pages. It is annoying and furthermore a hindrance. The censors are put up so that students do not get onto sites that are inappropriate and distracting. Unfortunately, in recent years, schools have gone overboard with this and blocked useful and necessary sites for our education. Students in both online and […]

International Exchange Free Essay Example

The theme of this essay was “International Exchange”. The first thought that popped into my head was the memory of my first 10 years of life in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was born in Mie, Japan, and before I even knew who I was, I was on a plane that took me to a place I […]

The Indian-style Caste System

How terrible, to be separated into groups of status, before you’re even born. From where I stand, the Indian-style caste system seems so distant; intangible. It’s not that unreal. In a diluted form, it’s lurking in our schools in the form of the all-powerful hierarchy of students. The popular ones; all hail the mighty! The […]

Analyzing the Author’s Purpose and Technique

An Abstract ConceptThe act of having to put a grade on a piece of creative writing has always seemed like an abstract concept to me. It took me a while to pinpoint exactly the issue that I had with it because, for everyone else, it just seemed to be a regular part of school; you […]

Flaws of Education

Dear reader, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid,” Albert Einstein, one of the most well known people for his intellect, said this in regard to the education system we use. The purpose of school […]

Should students have to get a 2.0 to get their license

Grades for license. That’s what some schools are saying to there students. The schools that are doing this are requiring them to have a 2.0gpa to get there license. In a attempt to raise grades. Which means if you are having hard time in school you cannot get your license till you can get your […]

Why Not Homeschool? Narrative Essay

An estimation made by Obama said, “there are over seven million kids being homeschooled take or give a few.” There are a little more than seven billion people in the world. Seven billion people to live on earth, and use the resources. Out if those seven billion people roughly half are kids, who need an […]

Mr ***** Narrative Essay

Have you ever had a class that you absolutely hated going to? Maybe the class was boring, too difficult, or maybe the teacher was just awful? Maybe a combination of all three? I sure have, and I am sitting in his room right now. Mr ***** is the worst teacher on the face of the […]

Essay on Year Round School

Year round school is an argument that we, as the students, should most definitely get a say in. Of course, we all want to continue doing what we’ve always done, and ignore all other options. When I was younger, I thought that summer vacation was the best thing ever. But as I’ve gotten older, I […]

I have done “well”

The day has come, and various students wipe sweaty palms on worn jeans and fuzzy pajama pants. Trying desperately to remember formulas stuffed in their brains 12 hours ago, some spasmodically arrange their No. 2 pencils and check the clock, while others stare blankly at the desk in front of them. All wish it was […]

Students Rating Teachers: Good or Bad? – Free Essay

Over time, school has evolved and taken on a big role in our society. It is the place where students are given knowledge to help them become successful and where they realize their own capabilities for the future. Just as important, however, are the teachers. A school cannot be successful without good teachers, but how […]

Short Essay about Junk Food in Schools

Many schools around the country have discussions about various topics. They debate on issues such as the quality of food served at lunch, the programs that should be laid off due to budget cuts and much more. One major issue that most schools are faced is whether or not to have school uniforms. Several school […]

The Wealthy Win the SATs

What is terrifying? What is tear inducing? What is discouraging?The dreaded rejection letter. Unfortunately, receiving such a letter could be the result of low SAT scores. In the end, a college will accept a student who scores higher on their SATs rather than one who scores lower.This is not fair.A lot of things affect how […]

Physical Education Time Essay Online

Physical Education Time Should students have a lot of time for physical education? It’s been proven that the more time kids get the better. Physical education helps kids get better test scores, improve disturbing behavior, reduce stress, improve more academically, and better mood and attitude. Physical Education helps students get a better mood and attitude. […]

Essay on Un-Preparing Our Teens for Life

Every few months, my parents and I pay the horrendously expensive bridge fare to leave our precious Prince Edward Island and drive a few hours to Moncton, where my brother is currently studying to be a chemist. During his first semester, he lived on campus residence in a small, bland apartment with a phone booth […]

Fantasy not Fiction

A group of kids is seen playing on the jungle gym. Today’s game is the lava game. The rules are simple: the ground is hot lava that will kill the child if touched, but the child must make their way across the play set to win. At first this looks like harmless fun, kids imagining […]