Do You Like Writing?

Do you like writing? Do you write a lot? Whatever the answers we all have different answers. I do not like writing and i do not write a lot. There are three major questions asked to people for essays about writing. They are: How important or unimportant is writing to you, Do you usually take pride in your writing for school or just write for a grade, and how much non-school writing do you do? The first question, Is writing important to me. The answer for me is no. It is not because i never had to when i was younger.

Another reason is i am not good at writing. The reason is that i never had to write and was never taught when I was younger by anyone. So the answer again was no, I do not like writing. The second question, Do I take pride in my writing, is no. The reason is I do not take pride in my writing is because all my writing is at school and not how I want it.

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For example, My freshman year we had to write about a career we wanted and i wanted to write about youtubing. My teacher did not know anything about it and made me do it a certain way even though i knew what i could write. So I did what she said and got a C because it was “not explanatory enough for people who do not understand what Youtube is” so I gave up and did not care about the grade. Finally, The final question, how much non-school writing do I do.

The answer is None. The reason why is I have no reason to at home. Another reason is that writing does not interest me. I do enough writing at school to not write at home.