Ipod and cell phones in school

I strongly believe that Ipods and cell phones should be allowed to use during school hours.

I believe this because It can really help both our students as our teaching staff. This is why I believe cell phones and ipods should be allowed to use during school hours. One of the many reasons for allowing ipods and cell phones in school classes are our health, as many of us teen agers struggle with some subjects, When this happens to us a lot of times we get stressed, frustrated, and really angry, a way to relax us is to listen to music. It gets our minds back on track, and with cell phones available there wont be as much noise in the class room so we can all focus. So if you or your friend is having a bad day you can just put on your earphones and listen to your favorite band or singer to lighten up your day!!!! This would be great for both students and teachers. Another reason this marvelous idea should be passed is all the money the school and parents could save!!! For example, some schools such as John mall high school, does not have a lot of money to buy a lot of supplies such as computers and calculators.

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They could use some help, if kids can bring their own supplies it would help the school a great deal, so if you bring your cell phone you can look up pictures or different information and files in your cell phones, you can also use the calculator in ether your cell phone or ipod while you are in math or some other class, bringing your cell phones and ipods to class with you can really help your schools and your parents economic problems. Also there are such classes that you feel like you NEED to have your ipod and be listening to it such as Physical Education (A.K.A P.E) You listen to your music and get running!! it makes you get all pumped up and it can make your day be all cool, for sure the rest of the day will be great for you!! There are other ways this idea can help everyone on school campus like all the silence that will come out from cell phones and ipods!! Have you ever experienced when your doing an assignment, your have one more question with 10 seconds left before the class ends, then suddenly some kid just yells across the room “i am done!! what do I do now?!” you look up to see who is yelling and the bell dings? Then forget about your homework, then next thing you know you end up with B on your report card instead of the A that you worked so hard for for the hole semester? Well with cell phones allowed that problem wont happen again because most kids will text or call and wont have to yell all across the room to get help from another student or teacher,you can just text someone thats sitting next to the teacher and tell them that you need the teacher and that way you will save all the other students an unnecessary distraction. Also, have you ever talked to your best bud or BFF about something really private? Well what if while you were talking some other kid had a “satellite ear” searching for what ever it can pick up? Next thing you know there are rumors of you going all around school and not even your friends will talk to you anymore even if you thought that they would never turn their backs on you? Well if schools will allow cell phones that would NEVER happen!!! It is common to hear about some kid being bullied and black mailed because of something he was talking about in private with his friends or teacher or adult but I insist that that problem would not happen if we had cell phones in schools!! the schools are doing the wrong choice by not letting kids have their cell phones and Ipods!! problems like this can be easily solved but the schools wont allow the solution!!! There are many problems in our schools, some of them include physical pain such as fighting and bullying, and others include mental pain such as teasing, but this problems can be helped by schools letting us the students, use ipods and cell phones in school hours.