The Hacker That Does Not Hack

My favorite educator is Ron Hacker. He works at the Newton School in Sterling, VA. He is my favorite educator because he fixes everything, drives the bus, and he also somehow manages to stay calm all the time.

He also has a dog name, Misty. He fixes all the electronics in our school. He fixes the computers, the internet, and the printers. He helps us if there are problems with our computers, no matter how big or small the problem. The problems that he fixes range from software not working, all the way to batteries not working or the screen not working, and these problems are just for computers. He drives the bus on all of our field trips.

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He also drives the bus to take kids to and from school when the normal people cannot. He refuels the buses all the time. He takes videos of our performances at every performance. He is nice all the time, even if we are being annoying. He never gets angry at any of us no matter how frustrating we are.

Over all, he helps with a ton of problems and jobs and we almost never thanked him enough, until we had a Mr. Hacker Appreciation Day.