The Truth in Writing: Invent or Imitate?

What do you think is a memoir writer’s responsibility to write his or her history accurately? The responsibility of any writer, when writing a memoir, is to recite the history as accurately as possible. However add exciting and engaging nouns and verbs to keep the reader reading.

I also think it’s important to put emotion and hardship so the reader can feel these emotions deeply rooted into the writer and experience what the writer feels and thinks about. Does making things up (like dialogue) make a story untrue? I believe making up dialog can be a useful trait but it needs to have the consistency of accuracy and should only be use when the actual dialog was forgotten completely. The use of the new dialog can give the same information but in a more engaging and exciting way to draw the reader in. How do you write about something that you don’t fully remember? As a first, I would consult a family or friend who was present for the experience. If not, then either leave it out or if it is a major part in your life try to summarise it without too much detail so the reader will get the general idea and still read a accurate representation of the writer’s life/memoir. Is it important to know how everyone else remembers an event before you write about it? It is important because other people’s opinions with affect your’s and your perspective on how the event/situation happened at the time.

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It is also important to understand why people thought or felt the way they did so you can create the most detailed and accurate recollection of the situation thats possible. Any other thoughts on this topic? I feel as a major point in my writing is to show other’s opinions and have unbiased writing as well as letting your own feeling drip down onto your work. For me, at the very least, writing is a form of physical and visual emotion that portrays much more than a story or even just feelings in general. It takes you on a mental and emotional journey and makes you question what is right and wrong as a person in the perspective of the writer. I feel as if negative and dark-styled writing create a deep-rooted emotional connection more than any other because the reader doesn’t read the piece, he/she experiences it with the character/writer. [NOTE] : Please feel free to answer the questions above with your own opinion.

I would love to hear what you have to say and think about the topic and/or my responses to the questions above. That’s all for now! -Asterion