Tupac the Inspirational Rapper

”A man gotta have a code” -Omar from The Wire At my high school we study Tupac, mostly at different schools the sophmores learn about How to kill a mocking bird and Romeo & Juliet. Some poeple feel that he’s controversial but I feel that we can learn sonething from Tupac’s life. For example he’s a poet and a hustler. Tupac personality, he fights for what he wants, and when he puts his mind to stuff he accomplish it’s. Therefore is shows that kids should always stive for what they want to accomplish and never giver up. Hip-hop is often accused of being misogynistic.

I think it’s not misogynistic Tupac raps about the struggles of life, and how he views the world. I feel that some rappers are hypocrite they always want to talk about how woman do this and do that but at the end of the day men do all of that to but never want to bust out there selves. Tupac belief on education is strong, even though he didn’t finish highschool. In Tupac exemplar 11, Tupac told many of his rap mates to read, once they started to read they were seeing where he got his game from. Knowledge is the key point to everything.

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Tupac wants people to learn because your educaion is what gets you through life. I think Tupac is a smart, bright person who just caught up in a thug life. In conclusion, Tupac should be include in every sophomores life, not just becuse he’s a cool rapper from the 90’s, because of his mindset how he thinks of think of life. How he raps about the struggles of African Americans that no one cared about but made them care.