What You Want Right Now

What You Want Right Now Did you know there are 27,468 public high schools in the United States? Right now, What do you want to do in life? What do you want to do in the future? Or what do you want the best of your four years of High School to be like? Well it’s an unwritten story, but sometimes the best things that are unwritten can become the best story ever written.

Right now….what do you want to do in your future? What do you want for a career choice, to be successful? It’s all up to you and the choices you decide to make during your years of High School. You can either take the road to be successful or the other road, to not be successful. There are a lot of choices to make in life at times, and you don’t always know which the right one is, or if you’re making the right choice for you at the time and it can come as a shocking result maybe in the future. Right now…you don’t know if someone is hitting on you, but it gives you some confidence to know that someone is taking a liking into you and that someone actually does notice you. Right now… if a junior asks you out…be flattered that they notice you and if you’re freshmen, you’ve got magic.

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Right now… the beginning of your blank pages of your story book are about to be written, you may have your up and downs some days during the four years, but nobody said it was going to be an easy thing. Right now…focus on the present, and not on the past, the future may be coming fast it might seem, but think of right now, and how your making your mark on your high school years, the big thing you want to be remembered by, academically, athletic wise, attitude, class board, student council, honor student, it’s your choice of what you want to do in your four years that are known as the best years of your life, so what are you going to make of it? And what are you going to be known for, or what do you want to be known for? Right now, we’re the generation that can make the right decisions to fix our environment and not leave it for our grandchildren to fix; we’re the ones who can make it right. We can fix things when we put our minds together to think of a possible solution to do things like that are life changing. Right now, we can change how the world is and how everything is, if we want, not the ways of how it is ruled, no dictators like Hitler, no. We can change how the world is by making the world a better place to live, fix oil spills, less global warming and how endangered species live and how they need to be more protected, our generation can turn that around and help our environment, and change how we live. Right now, this very moment, your story beings now, the first day of High School when your Freshmen that’s when you begin to write your story to fill the unwritten blank pages, to show how your story is, and to show other people of what you have achieved and what your goals are for the future.

Right now, every little choice you make in your high school years can affect your goals, or give you a boost; it all depends of what you decide to do. Even if you make one wrong choice, there must be another way to fix it and get back on track, one wrong, may lead to a right, right? Right now, if you’re looking for a relationship in High School, for something memorable something to call Love, something to be able to say, I’ll always remember her or him, by the way they made me smile, or laugh. Don’t rush into a relationship, because sometimes if you just wait, the perfect love story for your High School life story might come a little bit after Freshmen year alone, and will have a great beginning, middle and ending, even though the ending might be a break-up it’s better to have someone once then rather than never. Every relationship begins with a smile, has a kiss then ends with a teardrop, but all you can do is wish them the best of luck and hopefully just stay friends. Right now, everyone says you need to know what kind of friends you want to have, but you never actually do know, but it’s great to know what you have in common with other people and to compare and see if you two have more in common than just one thing, and sometimes you’ll meet the best of friends from sports or just in class. Right now, get into action and join a club or an athletic sport to meet new people with the same interest as you.

It’s okay to put yourself out there sometimes and meet new people you’d never think you’d have something in common with, and become great friends from that activity. Right now, you have choices to make, on what classes you want to take, or what elective you want to take as a course for some of your year, and then make a tough decision at one point of your high school life, what you want to do next in your life, and how you want to live your life. Right now, you make choices that can benefit you, and only you, you make the choices you make because you believe that they will give you an upper advantage in life, to make the right choices, you listen to your heart and not your head, because even though your mind says no, you have to listen to your heart when it says yes, because your heart is your compass for life and you have to follow it. Right now, if you have a dream that you want to be able to achieve, don’t hold yourself back and think negative, think positive and go for your dream, sure it may be a long shot, but you can’t help but attempt to try to reach that goal of yours, even if it’s something close to your dream, take it because it might just bring you one step closer to where you actually want to be, and where you want to stand in life. The sky isn’t the limit, why, because there are footprints on the moon since 1969. Right now, you can have the education that some people cannot get, or afford to have.

Some people would be grateful if they could have the same education as us, some adults cannot even read above a third grade level. Our generation can change that, to make sure everyone has an equal chance to be able to learn, and read above a third grade level and write. Right now, we have technology that is above what we would have had about 10 years ago, parents try to keep up with the new technology such as texting and iPods, because all teenagers text rather than call each other to talk, and we use technology to communicate rather than what our parents did when they were younger. Right now, our generation changes how our world is in social networking, I mean with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, MSN, AIM, and how we text and use music, everything changes time to time, but you don’t have to change. Right Now, you have the choice to show the world how you want to write your unwritten story, and make your mark on your High School years, you’ve got four years to make that mark, so what are you going to do?