Who will be there for you

Who will be there for you? No matter what happens in life you will always have your friends. They will be there for you by your side, at all times.

They will make an effort to understand your pain if you’re feeling down. Support you always if needed and most of all comfort you throughout your life even at the worst times, they will try to make you smile and be a friend, when you feel like you have no one and your whole world is falling apart. They can and will make you realize that you mean the world to them and why have a hundred friends, when you can have just one true friend that will always be there for you. Friends are the most important things to you, there are multiple definitions to define the word ‘friends.’ Friends is one of the most important thing in our daily life.

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Some people lives are based of their friendship with their friends, meaning that they can’t live without their friends because friendship is the key to their life as well as friends is their life. You trust your friends with your entire life, you tell them everything and anything. Your friends is like your personal secret notebook because they know everything about you and all of your secrets. Everybody needs friends to survive because who can live without having a friendship? We hangout with our friends, we share moments and treasure the memories that we’ve shared together. We joke around, share secrets, have an incredible time together, cheer each other up when feeling upset or depressed, get help but most of all we will be there for one another. It doesn’t matter if we’re 1,000 miles apart we will communicate with the wonderful world of technology.

“Friends are like stars, they take you places that you can’t even imagine. They take you on adventures. They lighten up your day and you know they will be with you forever…”