Case Study

Teratogens and their Effect on Fetus

Alcohol Alcohol is one of the most common forms of teratogens associated with women in the childbearing age. It consumption at this significant development stage commonly leads to the emancipation of the alcohol related neuro-developmental disorders and the more common fetal alcohol syndrome. Statistically estimates have established that approximately 10% of women in their childbearing […]

Child’s Preschool and African-America History

Child’s preschool. Children who attend preschool education are believed to enhance their social and cognitive development skills in a better way than those who do not attend to such teachings. Therefore, preschool knowledge is capable of laying a basis through which a young mind can make positive contribution to the community and the society in […]

Technical Communication and Organizational Culture

Through analysis of an organizational culture, it is important to note that cultural aspects are vital for an organizational culture to be successful. Strong organizational cultures exist where employee’s values are aligned to organizations values. According to Kotter and Heskett (1992), they suggest that there is a strong link between strong organizational cultures and the […]

Children Coaches

This is an article analysis on the characters of the Children Coaches. Parents are really concerted on if they are responsible for their deeds and how the parents should ensure that the couches have the skills and personal character which they would like their children to have. I do agree with some of the traits […]

Teaching Families about Learning Disabilities

Introduction Some children have problems in acquiring academic skills in reading, listening, writing as well as speaking. The problems could arise because of learning disabilities. The problem may grow bigger, especially when a student moves to high grades and is expected to finish complex assignments. This may lead to school dropouts as the problem persists. […]

Childhood Bullying

For better understanding of childhood bullying effects, it is necessary to understand its concept. Some childhood bullying activities are never considered as bullying, but the fact is they do affect kids’ development. Childhood bullying involves aggressive actions persistently and frequently committed to kids due to their less powerful nature. Childhood bullying can be categorized in […]

Tax Research Memo

Relevant Facts: Three individuals, R, S, and T. currently own RST Corporation. The corporation has a net worth of $750,000 and has 500 shares (1,000 shares authorized) of common stock outstanding. R owns 200 shares (40 percent) and S and T each own 150 shares (30 percent). Individual E owns land worth $90,000, which the […]

Tuition Fees

Establishing tuition rates at institutions of higher learning is always of fundamental strategic importance to college administrators who are suffering adverse financial effects from reduced allocations from external sources and increased educational and facility costs. Innovative reactions to these environmental conditions are needed to avoid institutional decline (1). Government cuts to core-operational funding have led […]


In most developed countries studies have been conducted on female participation in the labour market. The main reasons for conducting studies include; women work for lesser hours and their participation in the labour market is less in comparison to male counterparts. In addition women respond highly to changes in tax rates as a result in […]

Campaign Speech

Good evening, dear comrades!. After a close examination of our student community, I have decided to run for the position of cluster chairmanship. This did not come out of my own conviction but from some of you. Indeed, it is true to state the cluster leaders who have been there previously have done their best […]

Business School Essay

Throughout my life, I have been working very hard. I have set long-term professional goals that I have always tried to fulfill despite the prevailing circumstance. Thus, at this point in time, I am pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School as well as developing my career. Definitely, I have chosen this school for vivid […]

Tate Britain’s Migrations Exhibition

Native place and migration ought to go along. They seem to be two different sides of a coin. There originally was a double purpose, to accommodate modern art and British culture. With new trends in the critic, it should be revised. Millbank site is currently the house of British artists. “Migration” depicts the history of […]

Bedfordshire University

Bedfordshire University is an academic hub in the UK. It is based in Bedford and Luton the biggest towns of Bedfordshire county. It saw its creation as a merger between the university of Luton and Bedford campus of the De Montfort University in the year 2006 that was following an approval by the Privy Council. […]

Taste vs

Nowadays, people are able to choose between taste and nutrition of food. A wide range of products offered can satisfy people with different preferences. It may sound strange, but people often prefer something tasty but unhealthy to healthy but without any special taste. According to the book The Eater Reader (2010), “Eating is a whole […]

Becoming a Successful Online Student

Online studies involve less personal contact with the course instructor. It also involves studying at one’s own convenience and time. This may be a better option for the employed people and those who cannot afford to travel far distances to acquire education. It may be quite challenging for some students who prefer the traditional face […]

Target Corporation – Advertising on Search Engine

In the recent years the field of advertising has undergone some important changes especially with emergent of internet marketing. Many companies are opting for internet marketing given its popularity and ability to attract large number of traffic. Internet marketing has resulted to emergent of what is known as search engine advertising. Search advertising is a […]

Basic Education

Narrative argument Basic education is a whole range of activities in education, which take place in various settings, formal, informal, or non-informal. It aims at meeting the basic learning requirements of the student. It takes different forms depending on the level of development of the country. In developed nations, it comprises of primary education and […]

System Theory

Introduction Sociologists have over time struggled to formulate various theories in an attempt to explain some of the causative factors regarding juvenile delinquency. This phenomenon has become a major social problem in the modern contemporary society and consequently led to poor behavioral aspects in the current youthful population. Systems theory can be an essential tool […]

Attendance in College

Class attendance at college level for students is indeed a big issue that has been experienced in many institutions of learning. Failing to attend classes is one of the things that learners do after they have gotten access to college. It is a stage where learners have the liberty to attend classes as they please. […]

Symbolic Convergence Theory

A star war universe is an imaginative setting for the six films best known as the Star wars. The fantasy created by the term star wars and the sky and space action contained in the films create a shared fantasy that probably there is an intelligent galaxies containing world beyond the space of time into […]

Assessment of Students in Special Education

Assessment is a process by which special education teachers collect information that enable them make decisions about the students with special needs. Currently, the main focus of assessment is on the progress of the students towards the instructional goals and on the extent to which the involved students require special education and other related services […]

Swinburne’s Problem of Evil

Considering the prevalence of natural disasters such earthquakes and hurricanes that beleaguer humankind across the world, Swinburne is categorical that they are just but bad consequences of moral evil. To the religion philosopher, such sufferings cannot exist in the world in the presence of all-powerful and all-good God lest he permits them for the purposes […]

Article Analysis: Educational Measurements

The article entitled “Educational Measurements” highlights the contributions made by researchers and practitioners in developing educational tests and other evaluative techniques. In this review, the authors selected important contributions/improvements to tests and measurements regarding intelligence, personality, achievement, aptitude, child study techniques, interests and attitudes, and the statistical methods underlying the construction of various tests (Stroud […]

Sustainable Airport Construction Practices

Airports are vital and monumental as per as the air transport is concerned. In the case of sustainable airport construction practices, the aim was to collect and provide resources to facilitate a quick and easy way to enable users to identify potential airport construction practices. According to the researchers, Air sustainability refers to a holistic […]

Sustainability Issues

The world currently is currently undergoing a social restructuring process in which various sustainability issues are being addressed in view of the current theme with regard to environmental and ecological perspectives. Research initiatives have also been launched in regard to the same focusing upon the emerging concerns and other topical trends and issues in the […]

Appropriate Classroom Environment

The main objective of this paper is to give a detailed explanation of the classroom environment that supports developmentally appropriate practices. In addition, it also seeks to describe the equipments, furniture, and materials, which are important in supporting growth and development of children. In the end, the paper will explain how the environment creates lines […]

Approaches to Standard Setting

Developed and third world countries are classified by a comparative lack of predictable accounting systems as well as availability of new and untested standard-setting institutions. Despite these shortcomings, there has been an improvement of basic accounting systems and events, as well as procedures of benchmark-setting. This is attested to by the increasing number of professional […]

Suspicious Package Scenario

Plan for Covering the Story Capturing the Situation on the Ground My first step will be capturing the situation on the ground upon my arrival. I’ll describe the state of things following the discovery of a mysterious package that turned out to be a bomb. This includes describing the reaction of the public and businesses […]

Surviving an Apocalyptic Event

The Apocalyptic Scenario Without warning, Iran launches a nuclear weapon targeting the Washington area, and the U.S. military experts say that it will inevitably hit the White House. As the U.S. president is hurriedly carried to safety, CIA strategists propose that they should use the attack to their advantage; by using a secret technology that […]

Application of the Learning Theory

The Kohlberg theory on the moral development is applicable in the classroom setting, whereby the standards, the rules, and the consequences are apprehensive. This theory of learning tacks the learners’ level of moral interpretation via assigning them one of the six stages of the moral reasoning theory (Stephen, 1990). This theory is formulated by giving […]