Gold Star Chili Case Analysis

Gold Star Chili is a restaurant chain based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that sells Cincinnati chili. The original restaurant was established in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Mt. Washington in 1965 by four Daoud brothers, immigrants from Jordan. Gold Star Chili is the “Official Chili” of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The famous chili is produced at the chain’s commissary and features the Daoud brothers’ secret blend of spices. While measurements are unknown, the recipe most likely contains three common Greek spices plus a balance of sweet, spicy and herby ingredients. Most Cincinnati chili recipes also include lean ground beef, sweet onions, tomato sauce and water.

According to an interview with Basheer Daoud by Neal Conan of National Public Radio in 2005, the chain’s commissary produces nearly 20,000 pounds of food product for the restaurants per day.

Gold Star Chili Case Study
Industry Food service
Founded 1965 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Founder Four Daoud brothers (Fahhad, Fahid, Basheer, Bishara)
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Gold Star Chili Case Study Examples

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