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Woman's Work by Julia Alvarez

Who says a woman’s work isn’t high art? She’d challenge as she scrubbed the bathroom tiles. Keep house as if the address were your heart. We’d clean the whole upstairs before we’d start downstairs, I’d sigh, hearing my friends outside. Doing her woman’s work was a hard art. to practice when the summer sun would bar the floor I swept…

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When I was little, I often found myself alone due to the fact that I didn’t have that many friends, I often used video games to entertain myself due to my lack of friends when I was age 3. Ever since, I’ve considered myself a loner and didn’t try to socialize much. Often times I sit and wonder if this…

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Does Thinking Outside the Box Really Work?

When the term “outside the box” comes to mind, most think of creativity and trying to come up with a good idea. This phrase is used when asking someone to think outside of their comfort zone. Who would have known that there is some “psychological truth” (Kim, Polman, Sanchez-Burks, 2012) to this metaphor? Scientists were curious about whether or not…

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First Bionic Eye Proves a Success

On August 31st, 2012, the first bionic eye was implanted into Dianne Ashworth’s eyeball at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Australia and gave her a small glimpse of vision. Ashworth’s vision loss is due to a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is an inherited condition that causes great vision loss. Once in the room getting ready for…

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Apple's New Ideas

Yesterday on September 9, 2014, Apple Inc. unveiled a new iPhone and the new iWatch, along with new software systems. During this event yesterday Apple also went into detail on the new software coming out later in 2014, called iOS 8, that has many new features. The biggest unveiling in the program was the release of the new iPhone 6,…

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Setup for a Setback

I was seven years old when I went to live with my grandparents. No one knew it, but my mom had been in jail for three days and I was living all by myself. Everyone forgot about me. On the third day someone remembered and went to the house and took me to my grandparents. I did not know what…

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Should juveniles be tried as adults?

In January 2013, according to the web article “Ten Horrible Crimes Committed by Children,” a fifteen-year-old boy named Nehemiah Griego shot and killed his entire family it began when his mother annoyed him. He shot her in the head; then he showed his brother the dead body and shot him when he cried. He then turned an AR-15 rifle on…

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Equus Caballus

What do you think of when you hear the word “sport”? Maybe you think of Volleyball, Football, Tennis, Golf, maybe even Basketball. I’m sure that one thing that doesn’t pop into your head is… horses. That’s right…. riding horses. It’s done all over the world. Unlike a football, volleyball or a pair or running spikes; a horse can be used…

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